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Nunnery Fields Forever (Rave Version) ft. Deerful – out now.

The new Picturebox single, Nunnery Fields Forever (Rave Version) is out on Gare Du Nord from 7th April.

Nunnery Fields Forever (Rave Version).png

The title track is a brand new, high bpm recording (not a remix) of Nunnery Fields Forever, originally released on 2016’s Songs of Joy album, with new sections and radically different electro instrumentation replacing the pedal steel and organ etc of the original.

This new version features label mate Deerful on lead vocals and was mixed by Michael Wood of Michaelmas, Whoa Melodic and The Hayman Kupa Band.

Emma Deerful picThe single features the full version, a radio edit and is completed by Dementio13‘s remix of Crazy Golf (from Songs of Joy). It’s available from the usual digital outlets plus as a download and limited edition CDr from Bandcamp.

Nunnery Fields is a street in Canterbury and was also the name of a hospital in the area till its closure in 2001.



Picturebox - a lo-fi pop group from Canterbury, UK. Songs about girls, football, pop stars, animals, everything, nothing. and Gare Du Nord Records.

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